Selfies & Brainstorming Lead to Book Develpoment
Our book development processes have been fine-tuned to better meet the needs of our client authors over the last few months. Working with many talented clients and taken a deeper look at our processes has helped us to realize that we can offer additional services that reach beyond comprehensive writing skills. We’ve […]

Exciting Book Development Underway at Best Book Writer!

Some authors use a pen name.
People usually assume that the name on the cover of a book is the author, and in general, that’s true. However, there are many reasons that the author listed on a book’s cover might not be quite as straightforward. Some authors hire a ghostwriter to help them get their ideas […]

Use a Pen Name, Hire a Ghostwriter: Authorship Is More ...

Read famous ghostwritten books.
If you like to read at all, chances are you’ve read a ghostwritten book. Famous ghostwritten books are everywhere. Kids have been devouring Nancy Drew mysteries for years. “Carolyn Keene” is the author that appears on all of them. However, Carolyn Keene never existed. She’s really a whole series of […]

How Many Famous Ghostwritten Books Have You Read?

Be presidential. Hire a ghostwriter.
You know how presidents get their most important speeches written? They hire a ghostwriter, sometimes a whole team of them! Some of the best-known speeches made by modern presidents were actually collaborations of a team of writers, including historians, scholars, journalists, and the presidents themselves. John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural […]

If the President Can Hire A Ghostwriter, So Can You!

Write a book to gain fame
If you’re considering writing an e-book, or having one ghostwritten for you, you may be wondering what makes a good book.  How will you know if you have a book you can put on your website that will increase your credibility with clients? Several elements make a good book.  One […]

What Makes a Good Book?

Gain credibility and authority by writing a book.
When you first start out in your chosen field, you spend most of your time learning the fundamentals of the business. As time goes on and you are more experienced, your understanding deepens. By successfully growing your business and participating in industry events, you establish your credibility and authority. The […]

Credibility and Authority Is All About Presentation

Our team helps you write a book in 2014
Can you believe it’s already February?  It feels like we were all thinking about New Years resolutions just a couple of days ago.  Did you want to write a book this year?  Have you made progress?  If you have a business to run, you may have had to put your […]

It’s Not Too Late! Write a Book This Year

why use ghostwriters - because it works
It seems like it should be easy for an expert in a field to write a book.  After all, you have the knowledge and experience necessary to be an authority on the subject.  Many of our clients ask this question: why use ghostwriters. They wonder how someone without direct expertise […]

Why Use Ghostwriters?

Finetuning the book writing process 1
In Part 1 of this book writing series, we discussed how we begin the book writing process with research and the first draft.  Once that is complete, we begin the editing process.  Editing is definitely a group effort.  We begin with a look at the draft and check it for […]

The Book Writing Process – Part 2, Our Editing Process

Book writing process have you dog tired? 3
So you’re thinking that a book would help build credibility for your business and increase your client base.  The problem is that the book writing process seems so lengthy and intimidating.  If you’re already busy building a business, how can you possibly find time for a book? That’s where the […]

The Book Writing Process – Part 1, First Draft