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book formats and book prices variablesBooks come in all shapes and sizes and Best Book Writer can make an educated guess at what format will work for you once we know more about you. We produce e-books and paperback books to provide you with a one stop source in your writing and publication efforts. Most of our clients start with an e-book or blog and move to paperback publication. Prices include submission to publisher and printer, and the setting up and training needed to distribute your book on Amazon, along with your finished book, of course.

Already have posts collected in a blog? Best Book Writer books are approximately 10,000 words, consisting of ten 800-1,000 word chapters, transforming your current blog posts into a book. Longer books are available, too, generally consisting of 30,000 words, as a collection of chapters, worksheets, and reference materials canvasing 10-25 chapters, divided into multiple sections. We write and edit for you, providing transition between topics and clarity. Then we format your book for publication on Amazon.

Nothing can replace the feeling that comes from handing a potential client or lifelong friend an autographed copy of your printed, physical book. Stability, dependability, credibility, authority, and trust can be achieved and reaffirmed through the transfer of your book.


Get Started! Package

Cost of 10,000 word book (approx. 125 pages): $2,997 

Cost of 20,000 word book (approx. 250 pages): $4,997 


Pro Package (Includes Kindle E-Book)

Cost of 10,000 word book (approx. 125 pages): $3,597 

Cost of 20,000 word book (approx. 250 pages): $5,597 


Just Need Formatting For Your Existing Text? We Can Help!

Sometimes the only thing preventing you from publishing is time. If you have your story down and simply need light editing and formatting, we have options to get you published quickly in most formats. Please schedule a consultation so we can assess your needs and timeline. Ghost writing not included – for existing manuscripts only.

Formatting Cost of 10-15,000 word book (approx. 125 pages): $1495

Formatting Cost of 15-30,000 word book (approx. 250 pages): $2295


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