Distinguish Yourself with a Non-Fiction Book

What will your Non-Fiction Book be about?Real life IS better than fiction, which is the reason why writing a non-fiction book (or having it ghostwritten) sets you apart.

A non-fiction book helps your reader to understand you – who you are, what you are, your dreams and goals, and what you believe. It takes your reader through your process as an individual and as a company, through the whys and hows of your business and gives a clearer picture of your course. It establishes you and lends easily to the telling of your story.

For instance, knowing a little about me and my company might enhance your comfort level with the concept of ghostwriting. I LOVE words. Reading and writing have been my passion since I was young. However I recognize that they do not come easily for many people.

With that in mind, I’ve created companies that help entrepreneurs and service providers like lawyers, doctors, accountants, building contractors, realtors and technical geniuses share their message through the power of the written word. At BestBookWriter, we accomplish that with books and, at NeedSomeoneToBlog.com, it’s done through blogging and website content. In both cases, however, we continue to spread those words through the use of social media posting and other promotional tools.

Speaking of promotional tools, do you have a Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook account? If not, it’s time to get started using social media so you’ll have platforms developed when your non-fiction book is published. Social media will help you build your audience and business relationships when used correctly.

Oh, and I did say correctly.

If you happened to notice that tweet that went out the other day on my personal Twitter account… The tweet my eight year old son wrote before pushing the ‘birdie’ on my phone… The one that read, “I just flew 209m in a totally crazy game of Jetpack Joyride on iPhone. Bam!” Well, that would not be my recommended tweeting method in most cases. 😉 THAT would be a case where a real life story IS better than fiction.