Ghostwriting Concerns – Will Your Book Have Your Voice?

ghostwriting concerns about your voice are solved!It’s always scary to try something new, but when that something is ghostwriting your book, it can be extremely unnerving!

Ghostwriting requires a very high level of trust for you, as client, and a very high level of care for us, as the writers.

We don’t just throw words together into sentences.

We think about what you want to accomplish with your book – how you want to develop credibility and authority in your voice. Our goal is to give you a tangible object that you can in turn “give” to clients and prospects. A book that represents you, 100%. That’s a big chance to take, for both of us.

However, at Best Book Writer, we reduce that risk for you and for us.

We eliminate ghostwriting concerns.

How do we do that?

  • We give you absolute control of your content from the very start. We recognize that it’s your book and listen to you.
  • We start every project off with an intake session.We get to know you and how you feel your book should be.
  • We offer a Worry Free Your Voice Guarantee when ghostwriting your book. If you feel your voice does not shine through in the first chapter, we will rewrite or refund your payment 100%, depending on your preference.
  • We provide weekly emails.¬†You can watch your book progression first hand and make requested edits along the way.
  • We set realistic, yet short timelines. Deadlines motivate us and you to complete your book quickly.
  • We employ highly educated writers. Our company and writers are all based in the United States, are experienced, educated copywriters and adhere to published Associated Press (AP) writing standards.
  • We triple fact-check all statistics. The¬†content included in your book will be original to you, not found elsewhere, and based on real, checkable facts.