If the President Can Hire A Ghostwriter, So Can You!

Be presidential.  Hire a ghostwriter.You know how presidents get their most important speeches written? They hire a ghostwriter, sometimes a whole team of them!

Some of the best-known speeches made by modern presidents were actually collaborations of a team of writers, including historians, scholars, journalists, and the presidents themselves. John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural address was written over the course of several weeks. While most of the ideas originated with President Kennedy, several of the more memorable turns of phrase, such as the famous “Ask not” passage, were the work of others.

Other presidents have collaborated with ghostwriters, including Dwight D. Eisenhower.  His famous farewell address, with the unforgettable indictment of the “military-industrial complex”, was in large part the work of a ghostwriter. If the most powerful men of the modern age can do it, why don’t you hire a ghostwriter?

If you do a little reading about how presidents work with their ghostwriters to develop their most important speeches, you’ll see the same process that we use here at Best Book Writer. A presidential speech, just like your book, starts with an idea that gets hashed out in detail with a team of writers.

You probably already have an outline of the topics you want to cover. It’s our job to put your ideas into words. Because we’re hearing you talk about your book and the way you want topics discussed, we are able to write in your voice. Just because you hire a ghostwriter doesn’t mean you aren’t directing the process of your book. You go over our draft and make changes and suggestions.

Do the presidential thing and call Best Book Writer today. We can’t wait to collaborate with you to bring your masterpiece to life.