The Book Writing Process – Part 1, First Draft 3

Book writing process have you dog tired?So you’re thinking that a book would help build credibility for your business and increase your client base.  The problem is that the book writing process seems so lengthy and intimidating.  If you’re already busy building a business, how can you possibly find time for a book?

That’s where the ghost writers at Best Book Writer come in.  We can take any topic, from financial planning and mortgage law to tender biographical stories on parenting or leadership training, and create your book.  After we’ve heard your vision, we get down to work with the book writing process.  It starts with preliminary research so that we understand  the basic terms and concepts of the topic.

For a primarily fact-based, informative book about industry law or financial planning, we find reputable sources that help explain the jargon of the trade.  If the book we’re working on is more personal, like a parenting memoir, we would familiarize ourselves with the times and places that are important to your story.  For a leadership training manual, we would focus on the industry you’re writing for, as well as the theoretical framework underpinning the leadership style.

That finished, we begin to flesh out the chapter outlines agreed upon at the intake interview.  We explain the necessary concepts so your audience will understand the details and substance outlined in your book.  We tell the stories that make up your memoir using vivid, descriptive language so your readers feel that they know the places that are important to you.  For us as writers, the book writing process brings a lot of satisfaction as the book begins to take shape.  Bringing your ideas to life is our specialty, and we take great pride in getting it right, and told in “your voice.”  Read about what happens next in the second post in our book writing process series.

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