The Book Writing Process – Part 2, Our Editing Process 1

Finetuning the book writing processIn Part 1 of this book writing series, we discussed how we begin the book writing process with research and the first draft.  Once that is complete, we begin the editing process.  Editing is definitely a group effort.  We begin with a look at the draft and check it for mechanical, spelling, and grammar errors.  Next, we begin to fact check.  We make sure our definitions make sense and are in line with industry standards and that any technical or legal terms are well defined, particularly for mortgage books and those that fall in the financial planning realm.  For a parenting memoir, we would be sure that we were correctly representing the times and places that are in the narrative.  If we’re working on a leadership training book, we make sure that we’ve correctly explained the key concepts and provided enough “story” to convey the message.

Once we’re sure that there are no typographical or grammar errors and that our facts are correct, we begin the more intense part of the editing process.  This is where we analyze how the book flows.  Are the ideas discussed in a logical progression?  Is each chapter focused on one or two main ideas?  Are there concepts that need further explanation?  These are the questions we ask ourselves as we evaluate our own work and the work of our colleagues.  The editing process is just as important as the initial research and drafting phase.  Editing brings the book tightly into focus.

We work on the voice of the book as well.  Careful attention is paid to making sure that the book has a consistent voice that sounds like you, as the author, and remains engaging as well as informative to readers.  Through the editing process we make sure that the book establishes you as a credible and trustworthy source.  Once our team of writers has finished editing, we send the book to you for final edits and approval.  Our goal is to write the book you would write if you had the time.  Nothing makes us happier as writers than knowing our client is 100% pleased with our final product and that it’s headed to the publishing house!

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