Why Use Ghostwriters?

why use ghostwriters - because it worksIt seems like it should be easy for an expert in a field to write a book.  After all, you have the knowledge and experience necessary to be an authority on the subject.  Many of our clients ask this question: why use ghostwriters. They wonder how someone without direct expertise in their industry could write a book on the topic.

The question of why use ghostwriters is quite reasonable.  Fortunately for busy business owners and professionals, there are many good reasons to use ghostwriters.  Perhaps most importantly is that we are professional writers.  We write just about everyday, so our skills are at their peak.  Not everyone who wants to write a book to establish credibility has the time or ability to do that and so the process of creating their masterpiece can take a lifetime and many, many drafts.

Another answer to the question of why use ghostwriters is that you, our client and expert in your field, give us the direction you want your book to go in. We are experts at the interview process. We outline the chapters of the book with you. We listen to you, understand the power of nuance and write with “your voice.”  Finally, we think about the audience for your book.

A large portion of our clients are writing for current and prospective clients, not colleagues in their field.  Your clients don’t have the same familiarity with the terms and ideas of your field that you do and thus scrutiny is not as high.  A book that speaks to your clients at their level is more accessible and credible than a book full of technical jargon.  As non-experts, we at Best Book Writer are in a perfect position to translate your ideas and expertise to your clients.  We use clear language that’s easy to understand to explain the key concepts of your industry and topic.

So, why use ghostwriters?  Think of us at Best Book Writer as your interpreters or translators.  We can take your vision and turn it into a book that will establish you as a trustworthy authority on your chosen subject, using plain language.  We do this in collaboration with you and in “your voice” and in turn, you become the expert.