Write Your Book This Year

Too Exhausted to Write Your Book?Here’s a new year resolution you can keep:  write your book this year.  Sound crazy?  Have you been promising to write the book “soon” for years?  Here’s how you can get it done this year:  hire our ghostwriters to write your book!

Does that sound like cheating?  It shouldn’t.  At Best Book Writer, we have a collaborative process.  You meet with our lead writer, or the whole team if you’d like, to give your vision.  We work with you to outline chapters and topics.  You are the book’s visionary.  We bring it to life for you.

We write your book in your voice.  As writers, we love to take on the challenge of writing the book you’ve been planning all this time.  After we have a first draft, we subject it to a rigorous internal editing process.  Every fact is triple checked.  We ruthlessly weed out grammar, spelling, and other mechanical errors.  We also make sure the book flows logically.  Then we send it to you.  You read it, make corrections, and send it back.  You make sure that we’ve written a book that sounds like you.

That’s our goal:  to write your book in your voice.  Don’t wait another year…or five…or ten to write your book.  Hire our ghostwriters and in a few short weeks, we’ll bring your book to life!